WODS-Specific Rules for Ultimate

Rules may be modified with the approval of both team captains prior to the start of the game (provided the modifications do not pose a safety concern). Any disagreements on the applications of the rules which can not be settled by the players involved should be settled by the team captains.

Requests for clarifications and/or changes to the rules listed below should be directed to the Leagues Director.

Winter & Spring Leagues


USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules with the following exceptions (courtesy of OCUA, https://www.ocua.ca/4×4-rules):

  • Games are played by teams of 4 on the field with a gender ratio of 2/2.
  • The playing field size is a rectangle shape measuring 18m x 30m. Endzones are 3m deep.
    • Generally three 4v4 fields can be set up in one typical indoor Ultimate field.
    • Brick mark is set at 2m in front of the endzone line.
  • Only 2 pulls every game: at the beginning of the game and after halftime. Each team pulls once.
  • After a point is scored, the disc is left in the endzone at the spot in which it was caught. Play restarts in that same endzone (i.e., no pull after every point). The team that was scored upon checks the disc in play once the defence is ready.
  • Maximum 30 second delay between points. Play resumes when either:
    • 30 seconds have elapsed, or
    • Both teams are ready through a check.
    • If 25 seconds elapses and the offense has not put the disc in play, then defense warns the offense and counts down from 5, after ‘1’ has been said aloud the defense may begin to count stalls. If 25 seconds have elapsed and the defense is not ready, then the offense warns the defense and begins to count down from 5. After ‘1’ has been said aloud, the offense may put the disc into play.
  • Players may only sub on and off the field between points or from an injury timeout.
  • 3-minute halftime at the scheduled midpoint of the game.
    • Teams switch sides at the half.
    • Teams have 1 timeout per half.
    • A timeout lasts 60 seconds; a timeout cannot be called in the last 5 minutes of the game. If a timeout is called in the last 5 minutes, a turnover ensues.
  • Games end at the end time (hard stop, the point is not finished), even if it’s tied.


Summer & Fall Leagues

UPA 11th edition rules with the following specifications:

  • Games are played by teams of 7 on the field with gender ratio of 4:3/3:4 as determined by Gender Ratio Rule A.
  • Games are to 15.
  • By default, foot blocks are allowed unless a captain from either team requests that they be removed.
  • Soft cap will be applied at 1 hour and 50 minutes of play.
  • Hard cap is applied at the scheduled end of play (typically 8:30 pm) or at nightfall, whichever comes first.
  • In reference to the UPA 11th edition rules VIII.A.1 (Start of game),

“Representatives of the two teams fairly determine which team chooses to
a) receive or throw the initial pull; or
b) which end zone they wish to initially defend.”

The “fair determining” method (FDM) will be a tally of the number of motorized vehicles used to get to the game by either team (electric scooters and gas vehicles which get over 80 mpg count as half a vehicle.) The team with the lowest tally chooses first. This replaces the traditional disc flip or rock paper scissors determination methods.



Rules are at the discretion of the tournament coordinator and will be specified in the tournament description but are typically the UPA 11th edition rules 


Gender Ratios

Starting in Summer 2019, all mixed 7v7 leagues in WODS will play using the gender ratio rule known as “Rule A.” Many Ultimate leagues across Canada and the world are adopting this rule in order to give those that identify as female more opportunities to play Ultimate and to facilitate equal playing time among genders.

From the WFDF rule book:

A7.2. Ratio Rule A (“prescribed ratio” rule): A7.2.1. At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the gender ratio for the first point. For the second and third points the ratio must be the reverse of the first point. For the fourth and fifth points the ratio must be same as the first point. This pattern of alternating the ratio every two points repeats until the end of the game (half time has no impact on the pattern).

Although it’s not explicitly stated in the rule, the ratio that you choose is either 3:4 or 4:3 (women:open)

This rule is also sometimes described as “ABBA,” where A = 3:4 and B = 4:3.  First point you play is A, second is B, third B, fourth A, repeat (ABBA ABBA ABBA ABBA… until The Winner Takes it All… in Waterloo… Mamma Mia!).

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at leagues@wods.ca.