Touring Support Program

The Waterloo Organization of Disc Sports (WODS) is aware of the role that competitive touring players have in developing ultimate in the Region of Waterloo, and by extension, helping us to reach our organizational goals. With that in mind, WODS and its Board of Directors (BoD) are pleased to present the Touring Support Program.

WODS is willing to offer support in the following areas for touring teams that practice in the Region of Waterloo:

  1. Support in locating practice fields in the Region of Waterloo (this includes contacting booking organizations and negotiating the best rate we can on behalf of the team).
  2. Extending our league’s players insurance to cover touring players.
  3. Promoting your program and its activities via WODS website and social media outlets.

In exchange, local touring teams will be requested to help grow ultimate in the Region of Waterloo through support of programs that benefit WODS members.

Touring programs will be paid $10 per hour volunteered when formally requested by a WODS Board Representative. Clubs are also encouraged to propose public clinics or events to the BoD for approval. In any given year, WODS is seeking support from touring programs in areas such as coaching Fall Hat League and Youth League teams, conducting skills clinics, and volunteering at WODS events and tournaments. If volunteering for weekly coaching, it is highly encouraged to maintain consistent attendance each week. A minimum of 5 hours of volunteer time is required to receive WODS support.

  • Requests will be evenly distributed among touring programs that participate in our support program.
  • Volunteers required and hours worked will be logged by the WODS Executive Director and/or the Touring Coordinator.
  • A portion of the proceeds from Summer leagues will be distributed to touring teams who support WODS with coaches in Summer Youth and Fall leagues. Touring programs will be funded at an hourly rate of $10 per volunteer hour until the total available funding amount has been reached.  If the total amount of volunteer hours times the hourly rate exceeds the total available funding,  funds will be divided among touring programs as a proportion of total volunteer hours per program.
  • This payout will be delivered to the touring programs after the completion of our Fall league season.

If your program is interested in being a part of the WODS Touring Support Program, please contact Kristen Hines at