Fall League is Coming!

Fall is almost here! Come join us for a last round of outdoor ultimate before winter comes. Sign up as an individual or as a group for our 4v4 fall hat league.


  • Co-ed 4v4 with 2:2 gender ratio
  • WODS 4v4 rules, with rule modifications to increase safety (see below)
  • 4 teams will form one league group (<=50 people, as permitted by the Ontario government), and will only play games within that group
  • Each team will have a maximum of 12 players on their roster (sub players will be included on the regular roster, to stay within the 50 person maximum)
  • Register for either the Recreational or Competitive division, and we’ll do our best to form 4 balanced teams per division


  • 6 week season
  • Runs on Thursdays from Sept 24 to Oct 29, 2020

Game Times: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Note: Warmups are encouraged before the beginning of each game; however, to limit the potential of exposure, it is recommended that individuals do not show up more than 20 minutes before their games begin.

Location: Woodside Park (turf) in Kitchener


  • Early bird fee of $70/individual if paid by Sept 15, or $80 after
  • Groups should sign up as individuals and indicate who they want to play with during registration; we’ll do our best to place those individuals together on a team, with priority going to gender-balanced groups
  • Please e-transfer payments to treasurer@wods.ca after registering
  • Fee assistance is available for players who would like to participate in WODS’ league programs but who may not have the financial means to do so, including due to COVID hardship. Please contact Kristen, our executive director, at ed@wods.ca for more information.


  • Closes Sept 22, 2020 (or when the league is full).
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old as of Sept 24, 2020.
  • Due to COVID-19, we have updated our waivers. All participants are required to review carefully and complete them prior to registration (you must use the links to sign the waivers before you can see the registration link).

COVID-19 Specifics:

  • Government Restrictions: In stage 3, league groups must be no more than 50 people
  • Players can be part of one league group in one team sport at a time. Participation in multiple league groups or team sports (without physical distancing during play) at the same time is not allowed. A two-week break without participation in any league group and without COVID-19 symptoms is required before switching league groups (which is why there’s a break between our summer and fall leagues).
  • Within a league group, physical distancing and masks will not be required while actively playing (exception: marking distance increased to 1m). While not playing (e.g., on the sideline, half time / time outs, putting on cleats, etc.), physical distancing of 2m should be observed and masks are encouraged.
  • Good sanitation and hygiene must be practiced within and outside your league group.
  • Any spectators or family members who are not part of the league group MUST practice physical distancing and wear masks if they come to a league event. If possible, please avoid bringing spectators.
  • Participating in a league group increases your risk of exposure to COVID-19. The league group structure merely limits the potential for spread in case of exposure. 
  • If you or people in your social circle are part of particularly vulnerable groups (e.g., seniors, have respiratory illness, or are immunocompromised), we discourage participation in our summer league (but hope to see you in the future, when it’s safer!).

Player Screening Protocols:

  • All players must complete the self-screening checklist prior to every game and take appropriate action as required.
  • If you are sick, stay home and follow Public Health Ontario’s isolation requirements. If you are unsure if you may have COVID 19, please use the Ontario self-assessment tool.
  • If you or one of your close contacts test positive for COVID-19, you must follow the directions of the Public Health Ontario representatives and immediately notify us by emailing leagues@wods.ca.
  • If you are unable to attend a game for any reason, do NOT arrange for a sub.

Sanitation & Hygiene Protocols:

  • Players may bring a disc, but these discs can only be used to warm up. Discs must be washed thoroughly with soap and water or otherwise sanitized both before and after bringing them from home.
  • Game discs will be provided for each game, and sanitized regularly.
  • When not actively playing on the field, keep physically distant and practice good hygiene (e.g., keep 2m away on the sidelines, while cleating/de-cleating, and during warm up, half time and time outs).
  • Keep bags 2m apart.
  • No handshakes or other celebratory contact.
  • No sharing of water, clothing, or other equipment.
  • Come as ready to play as possible.
  • Teams should set up on opposite sidelines.
  • Follow all posted facility and field rules, including COVID-19 guidelines related to entry, exit, and movement flow.
  • There will not be any washroom facilities available. Please avoid using benches.

Rule Modifications:

  • The mark must be at least 1m away (instead of a disc space) to increase physical distancing.
  • The mark will say “stalling 1”, then do a silent stall count for 2-5, and then say stalls 6-10 out loud.
  • ANY contact is automatically a foul.
  • In lieu of a defensive player tapping the disc to resume play, players may ask if the opponent is ready and ground tap the disc to start play.

Safety Ambassadors:

  • Ambassadors will check attendance against a list of participants who have completed all waivers and health screenings prior to each session.
  • Ambassadors will sanitize game discs every 10 points.
  • Ambassadors will oversee compliance with safety guidelines.
  • Ambassadors will nominate one player per game to adjust the scoreboards.
  • Please note: At this time, we are looking for volunteers to be Safety Ambassadors. As thanks, Ambassadors will receive an honorarium. For more info and to volunteer, see here.

While we aim to provide a safe environment to play ultimate in, please note that participating in a league increases your risk of exposure to COVID-19. The league structure merely limits the potential for spread in case of exposure.

If you or people in your social circle are part of particularly vulnerable groups (e.g., seniors, have a respiratory illness, or are immunocompromised), we discourage participation in our summer league (but hope to see you in the future, when it’s safer!).

Questions? Please contact Kim at leagues@wods.ca.

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