You may have noticed the 'construction' that took place on the parking lot ends of fields 1 - 5.  This work was to install underground water sources for the irrigation system at Kiwanis. It is with pleasure that your Board announces that the inaugural run of the Kiwanis Park irrigation system took place this morning on Field 1.  The City of Kitchener is working with WODS to put together a schedule to ensure that our top fields (1-5) receive regular and adequate irrigation.  Based on the layout and reach of the system, field 7 also receives significant coverage by the system.

How the system works

The irrigation system consists of a reel and water cannon.  The reel is placed at the parking lot end of the field and is connected to the underground water supply.  The cannon is attached to approximately 360 feet of hose and is dragged by tractor to the opposite end of the field.  After turning on the water flow, the reel gradually 'drags' the cannon back across the field irrigating as it goes.  Once the cannon returns to the reel, the system shuts off.

The benefits of this system

There are great benefits to this system.  Mainly, a system such as this does not require damage to the field surface in order to be installed.  Additionally, there are no sprinkler heads or other 'nasty' hazards within the playing surface.  All elements of the system are well removed from the playing field.

What this means for WODS members 

Having 7 dedicated ultimate pitches is a great asset to WODS.  Adding irrigation to the mix during our third season gives us confidence that we will continue to see improvements to the field quality in the years to come.

Enjoy the soft grass...

The Water Cannon
The Water Cannon
The Water Cannon
The Reel