The main tournament of the year for the UW Open and Womens teams were last weekend.  Canadian Eastern University Ultimate Championships were held in Montreal on September 27-28.  Due to the huge turnout at tryouts this year U Waterloo sent two Open teams (A and B) and one Womens team.

The Mens team(s) name is the german word for "Team" which is "Mannschaft".  The womens team was named "Kinnari" after an Eastern mythological creature that is half woman half bird (note the wings on the backs of thier jerseys.)

The Waterloo A team did beter than anyone expected, finishing 4th after being seeded 7th.  They got off to a good start on Saturday placing second in pool play with their only loss to Western (eventual 2nd place finishers).  Sunday morning brought out the best in many tired, (many hungover) individuals.  Beating Guelph on Universe point in the quarter final, and losing the semi final in another nail biter (though the most anti-climatic game ever, having the horn go 3 seconds before universe point was scored) to U of T (Tula).  The consolation game shall not be spoken of.  [Darren Clark]

Waterloo Open B finished 13th overall after being seeded 15th.  The team started out a little rough with only 9 players (most of whom had never played open, let alone competitive ultimate,) but as the day went on the team really gelled.  We lost all of the games on the first day (all to A teams from other universities) but the scores steadily increased (0,1,6,7), with the last game being played against McGill A which eventually got third overall.  In the second day, Waterloo B really pulled it out, trouncing every team they came in contact with (McGill B and Western B). [Jon Hines]

The UW women's team really came together over the weekend.  On Saturday, the women's team won their second game against Nipissing, which was followed by a well-fought loss against Toronto.  They saw great development and prided themselves in having quick disc movement and flow, easily breaking through McGill's zone on Sunday.  All the ladies that played in Montreal deserve a pat on the back for pushing through 5 games with only 3 subs and staying positive throughout the weekend!  Yeah Kinnari!! All in all, it was a great weekend.  Special thanks is due to Yaacov Iland who coached all three teams.  [Kelly-Anne Fagan]

 Pictures in this gallery where taken by Kelly-Anne Fagan, Andrew Marston, Jesse Sum and Jon Hines

Waterloo Open B
Waterloo Open A
Waterloo Women