The 1st Annual Mike Whitton Memorial Hat Tournament was held on August 25.
(yes, we know he's still breathing)

The tournament was a great success.  Thanks to all who participated.  No thanks to Mother Nature, though.  The day began fairly well, with teams playing through comfortable temperatures and the odd light drizzle.  Come lunch-time, there was pizza everywhere!

Most players had a great opportunity to check out our disc golf and goaltimate demonstrations.  These games will play a bigger and bigger part of WODS as time goes on.  Congratulations to Chris Leishman and Nat Smith for winning the men's and ladies' closest to the pin contest for disc golf.  And to Alex "Hollywood" Scott and Nat Smith again for winning the MTA contest (Maximum Time Aloft).  This contest also saw some completely unnecessary, gratuitous and awkward layouts -- see the pics below for a particularly interesting one of Mike MacKinnon.

The afternoon grew darker and more fun at the same time.  When the rain really started coming down, many brave souls carried on with the Ultimate.  Others, not so brave, huddled under the playground equipment.  But ultimately (wink, wink), all games were completed.  In the end, 3's Company had the mixed honour of best record and worst team name.

Many players continued the party into the evening with drinks and wings at Morty's.

WODS hopes you enjoyed this year's end of the summer season tournament.  Next year will be even better!

1-Hit Wonders 1 and 3
2 Good 2 Be True 0 and 4
3s Company 4 and 0
Soldiers of 4-tune 2 and 1
High 5 2 and 1

The result of the last game between Soldiers of 4-tune and High 5 is missing. It will be added shortly.