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10.08.2010 0

London Calling 2010

London Calling featured several teams from the Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph area including: Dangerous When Wet, Parcour, and Pedro's Yak.

Photographs in this gallery were taken by Jon and Kristen Hines.

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20.07.2010 0

No Borders 2010

No Borders is an anual Open and Womens ultimate tournament held in Ottawa Ontario.  The Open tournament was won by "NADS" and the womens tournament was won by "Stella."

Photographs in this gallery were taken by Michelle Loat, Lillian Parsons, Jonathan Hines and a mystery photographer...

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14.07.2010 0

Kiwanis Update - The Irrigation is Running

You may have noticed the 'construction' that took place on the parking lot ends of fields 1 - 5.  This work was to install underground water sources for the irrigation system at Kiwanis. It is with pleasure that your Board announces that the inaugural run of the Kiwanis Park irrigation system took place this morning on Field 1.  The City of Kitchener is working with WODS to put together a schedule to ensure that our top fields (1-5) receive regular and adequate irrigation.  Based on the layout and reach of the system, field 7 also receives significant coverage by the system.

The Water Cannon
The Water Cannon
The Water Cannon
The Reel

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11.06.2010 0

Gender Blender 2010

This gallary outlines the (daylight) experience at Gender Blender 2010 of a member of the team "Top Gunned", which had a strong representation from the Guelph, KW area.

Images in this gallary were taken by Kristen and Jon Hines (the first half were taken by Kristen and the second half were taken by Jon, except the team picture which was taken by a friendly member of BFC).

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