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Images from the 2008 Season

06.11.2008 1

2008 Crisis Team Photo

This was about a 2 month project.  There was some interest in this photo when the original came out in the 2008 Frizbee Paloza gallery, so I figured I'd share the finished version.

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22.10.2008 2

Oktoberfest 2008

Congratulations to everybody (especially Tushar) involved in hosting this awesome tournament!  The pictures in this gallery were taken by the members of Crisis.


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02.10.2008 0

University Easterns 2008

The main tournament of the year for the UW Open and Womens teams were last weekend.  Canadian Eastern University Ultimate Championships were held in Montreal on September 27-28.  Due to the huge turnout at tryouts this year U Waterloo sent two Open teams (A and B) and one Womens team.

The Mens team(s) name is the german word for "Team" which is "Mannschaft".  The womens team was named "Kinnari" after an Eastern mythological creature that is half woman half bird (note the wings on the backs of thier jerseys.)

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28.08.2008 0

Unknown Legends 2008

Crisis, Finger Blast and The Company represented KW at Legends this year in Hamilton. 

 Pictures in this gallery were taken by Jonathan Hines and Andrew Bellous (used with permission)

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12.08.2008 2

London Calling 2008

Kitchiner-Waterloo made a great showing at London Calling this year.  Finger Blast, Crisis, Garmin-Chipotle (The Company-esq) and Dangerous When Wet represented K-W.

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