This year's AGM was a success, thanks to all who showed up! It was the most well attended AGM we've had in quite some time.

Our new by-laws passed without any issues (congrats and so much thanks to Kristen Hines!), and our new board for 2019 was elected with our newest member, Hannah Gordon! (If you'd like to see the new WODS bylaws, you can read them here.)

Congrats to all our Community Awards Winners, seen below!


Van Hung Nguyen Award winners 

2018 Van Hung Nguyen Award winners (most spirited youth players) - Elise Martin and Gavin Joyce


Volunteer of the year 

2018 Volunteer of the year - Jason Cunningham


Summer Spirit Champions Monday 

Summer League Spirit Champions (Monday) - The Clockwork


Summer Spirit Champions Tuesday 

Summer League Spirit Champions (Tuesday) - Chunky Monkey


Summer Spirit Champions Thursday 

Summer League Spirit Champions (Thursday) - Banditi